A changing business landscape demands continuous new thinking, talent and skills.

BUBS Online Executive Programs enables leaders to develop the capacity to transform themselves, their organisations and their communities by offering specialised business education online programs for individual and group learners which address today’s business challenges and opportunities.

As a result of BUBS Online Executive Programs, learners gain useful insight, best-practice methodology and in-practice management techniques to improve business and career performance.  Whether for a new manager with growing responsibilities, a senior manager translating strategy into action or a CEO leading in a global era, learning to think differently enhances the ability to address concerns specific to each individual role and maximise impact.  BUBS offers three types of executive-level programming:


Professional Programs, Courses and Workshops

BUBS's cutting-edge roster of programs are for individuals looking to broaden their perspectives, acquire new professional skills, refresh their knowledge, exceed their goals or gain competitive advantage. BUBS offers a wide variety of online learning programs and formats that benefit the public, private and non-profit professional communities.


Customized Online Learning

BUBS's custom instruction directly addresses the unique challenges, opportunities and structure of your organisation. For companies looking to achieve organisation-specific objectives, BUBS offers customised and flexible course design, teaching format, instruction style and location to ensure direct relevancy and entrench best practices.


Training for Groups

BUBS offers group training to a diverse collection of specialised corporate groups, boards, community professionals and not-for-profit organisations via online. Groups of learners are carefully facilitated to align goals, foster strong communication and promote cross-functional capacity. BUBS believes that learning conducted in groups maximises organisational impact.