This Online Executive Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (OEPGD) is particularly suitable for adult students who wish to undertake further study to the higher research degree level. Students who complete the course with first-class honours may be permitted to enrol in a PhD without first completing a master’s degree by research.

This course gives students a number of key skills that are highly valued within industry and academia. It is a research-preliminary qualification and provides a pathway to a higher research degree for students 

The aims are to develop your entrepreneurial and key management skills, helping you grow a profitable and successful business. This includes entrepreneurship knowledge, innovative thinking and the digital processes and tools of today’s workplace. The programme is completed over one year and is available in two formats: Modular and Blended Learning.

You are welcome to look for us. If you,

1) Managers who wish to complete an MBA but who do not qualify for entry directly into a Master’s programme.

2) Managers and leaders who work full-time, who cannot afford long periods of time away from work and/or who prefer to do most of their learning off-campus.

3) Managers who want to broaden their management skills, but who do not necessarily want to enrol for an MBA and/or who do not want to do the research component of the MBA.