The Online Executive Graduate Diploma in Business Management (OEGD) offers teaching activities at a high, international level for current and future managers. The programme provides a general analytical and methodical boost to put new, including international, perspectives on management and organisation. A Online Executive Graduate Diploma in Business Management (OEGD) enables you to make decisions and take action based on analysis, knowledge and experiences.

In the Online Executive Graduate Diploma in Business Management (OEGD), we offer a coherent programme focused on management and international business operations. Internationalisation is associated with considerable advantages but is simultaneously connected to a high degree of complexity caused by distances and differences between countries.

Supported by expert, research-active teaching staff, you’ll enhance your management and leadership skills through practical exercises that build on academic theory.

You’ll develop a set of skills for tackling complex issues based on understanding client needs, collaborative working, cross-disciplinary thinking, personal reflection and rapid prototyping of new ideas.

You’ll also have the opportunity to apply your learning in practice by working as a consultant with a local business, using your knowledge and expertise to help them tackle the challenges they face.