The Online Executive Diploma in Management (OEDM) contributes to the advancement of many of our graduates.These online programmes focus significantly on developing your individual ability. The OEDM provides an introduction to key aspects of general management and an environment where you can learn from the experiences of both academics and managers from other organisations. Your employer will also gain direct benefits. Not only do the OEDM equips you with effective and applicable management skills but also, they encourage you to view your organisation as more than the sum of its parts. You also learn the importance of using this broader vision in formulating effective management decisions.

BU Business School has designed the online executive programmes for the working professionals to expand their knowledge base, or acquire new expertise, or hone their skills so that they are professionally updated and rewarded. BU Business School offers diverse online programmes to suit the needs of many. They are taught not only by academicians but also by practitioners who have solved practical problems, faced real-world challenges, and weathered many-a-storm in the business world. The case studies, the examples, the perspectives and the statistics discussed in the classrooms mirror the world outside.

With this Online Business Management Executive Diploma programme, we aim to increase and enrich your knowledge across a broad range of business disciplines and develop skills relating to business operations in areas such as management, administration, accounting, human resource management, marketing and entrepreneurship.